Whhhyyyyyyyyy????? That’s the first thought that comes into my head rather frequently when doing this challenge!

Now I love being fit and healthy so this was definitely what I needed after an overindulgent December. However (there’s always a but isn’t there) I am definitely not a natural runner by any stretch of the imagination, I have to work really hard at it. So if you happen to see a nearly 6 foot, big, red sweaty mess doing something that resembles running around Durham please say a big ‘HELLO’!!!

The night before run everyday January I tried really hard to think of a good reason as to why I could pull out of the challenge. Unfortunately after double checking the news for the 50th time just I case there was natural disaster in Durham or a viral zombie outbreak preventing me from leaving the house I had to admit defeat, well that and the sheer determination to succeed that resides inside of me.

So despite knowing I would probably hate most of it, I also knew without a shadow of a doubt I would feel great after the event in every single way :-). You see the amazing truth about exercise and it’s a well kept secret amongst us lot who keep pushing ourselves, it may also go some way to explain why on earth I and many more put ourselves through it is there is NO SUCH THING AS A BAD WORK OUT! Why is this I hear you ask? The answer dear Watson is simple… at the very least you will feel a sense of achievement as well as feeling absolutely amazing about yourself. There has never been a run I have done no matter how far or how hard it has been, no matter how exhausted I am and no matter how much my muscles might ache I always feel truly amazing afterwards.

So yes days 1 – 7 have been hard, yes I’ve had to push myself and yes there have been days when I truly didn’t want to do it…but by god it has been worth it to be feeling healthier in both body and mind. I already feel like I have so much more energy and my head is so much clearer to start the year off in the right way!

So my words of wisdom are don’t wait any longer to get out there. Walk, run, skip it doesn’t matter I guarantee you will feel better for it, your body will certainly love you for it but mostly you will love you for it!!!


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